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ISVM Meetings

ISVM's birth can be traced to the 2008 Edinburgh conference where organizers suggested the idea of an international phage society. During the 2009 Evergreen meeting the idea was expanded to include viruses of microorganisms, and in 2010, at the Paris meeting, the International Society for Viruses of Microorganims (ISVM) was launched. Incorporated in September of 2011, the first general assembly of ISVM celebrating its now official launch took place at the Brussels meeting in 2012. Future as welll as past ISVM meetings are documented on this page.

     2024 – 8th Viruses of Microbes Meeting to be held in Cairns, Australia – July 15-19

     2023 – 7th Viruses of Microbes Meeting to be held in Tbilisi, Georgia – July 2-7

     2022 – 6th Viruses of Microbes Meeting held in Guimar„es, Portugal – July 18-22

                The Latest Conquests on Viruses of Microbes

     2018 – 5th Viruses of Microbes Meeting held in Wrocław, Poland – July 9-13

                Biodiversity and Future Applications

     2016 – 4th Viruses of Microbes Meeting held in Liverpool, UK – July 18-22

                Recent Developments in Ecology, Environmental Microbiology and Microbiomics

     2014 – 3rd Viruses of Microbes Meeting held in Zurich, Switzerland – July 14-18

                Structure and Function - From Molecules to Communities

                Meeting FaceBook page  link to FaceBook, VoM III Meeting

     2012 – 2nd Viruses of Microbes Meeting held in Brussels, Belgium – July 16-20

                From Exploration to Applications in the -omics Era (see selected talks on YouTube)

                View also Introduction by Belgium Ministre de la Défense

     2010 – held at the Pasteur Institute, held in Paris – June 21-25

                From Bacteriophages to Viruses of Microorganisms

Contact for inquiry into ISVM-sponsored meetings.

iVoM Meetings

The virtual lecture series, iVoM 2, starts Dec. 8. Go to to sign up!

     Written recap of the 2020-2021 iVoM webinar series, by Ivone Martins and Luís Melo

Other Meetings

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